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Intern Talks

I’m releasing the slides and code for a couple of talks that I put together for the developer interns that I worked with this last year.  They’re being released under the MIT License, so feel free to copy them, modify them, and use them as you see fit.  They provided the interns that I worked with with value, so I’m hoping that others can get value from them as well.  If you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know!

The first talk, titled Interviewing Fundamentals – How to be an Interview Rockstar, discusses my beliefs on what constitutes a good, solid resume, as well as what you should avoid.  There are several examples of good and bad resumes for reference included in the slide deck.

The talk then moves on to discuss how to prepare for the interview, how to nail the interview itself, and what to do in the hours and days following the interview.  For those interested, the slide deck can be found here:

The second talk, titled Object Oriented Fundamentals – How to be SOLID, discusses established best practices when doing object oriented programming, including DRY, Law of Demeter, etc., and of course, the SOLID principles.  The code for this talk can be found here:, and the slide deck can be found here:

Again, please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve on these talks, or if you use them, and found value with them!

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