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Professional Goals for 2019

While I’m not normally a guy that puts a ton of energy into New Years Resolutions, this past several months have caused me to decide that I should definitely set some for 2019. Starting in October, I started a new job as a Senior Software Engineer with a company here in Portland. In doing so, I feel like I’ve been given a great opportunity to “reset”, so to speak, and to refocus myself, both professionally and personally. So, I’m setting the following resolutions for 2019.

First, I plan to put a lot more energy into getting into shape. In my previous place of employment, I was required to be on phone calls with India on a fairly regular basis, which made nailing down a consistent workout schedule difficult. My new job doesn’t require this type of work, so consistency will be much easier to maintain. So with 2019 approaching, I definitely feel like it’s time to get back into the gym, and start getting back into my previous “martial arts shape”, and beyond.

Next, I plan to take the time to learn and master Angular 7. At my previous job, we used React and Redux for our newer web applications. React is a fantastic tool that allows for rapid creation of web applications. However, try as I might, I just couldn’t get comfortable with the idea of using components to do back end, non UI work. It just felt… wrong… using these higher order components as services. I really didn’t like referencing what was effectively a service in my markup. In NO WAY am I saying that others should feel the same. Those that know me know that I’m very much a “right tool for the right job” and “use the tool that works for you” kind of software engineer. If you love React, then by all means, kick ass with it!!! Having worked in both now, I just feel like Angular is more to my taste, though I’d LOVE to see Angular adopt the JSX syntax for components, if such a thing were even possible.

I’m also aiming at getting at least one certification on AWS, if not two. We use AWS for a lot of our infrastructure at work, so learning AWS and becoming certified will help not only my career there, but will also be generally a good set of skills to have. Add to that picking up the use of Terraform, and I now have a powerful set of tools at my disposal for building solid, scaleable applications.

Finally, I want to blog more. I feel as though I’ve made a decent start of it in 2018. However, I feel like I could be writing more than I am, and want to remedy that. I follow technology closely, and want to be able to contribute back to the community as I can, and blogging is one great way to do that.


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 19, 2018

    “In my previous place of employment, I was required to be on phone calls with India on a fairly regular basis, which made nailing down a consistent workout schedule difficult.”

    Uhh, tell that to me and Zak. #swolelyfe

    • Jamie Nordmeyer
      Jamie Nordmeyer December 19, 2018

      LOL Oh, believe me, I wasn’t implying that I had the worst of it. I know that I had an exuberantly easy life compared to some there.

  2. Kevin Landers
    Kevin Landers October 24, 2019

    Hi Jamie, Want to learn AWS? I’m looking for a Software Development Engineer here at AWS.

    • Jamie Nordmeyer
      Jamie Nordmeyer October 25, 2019

      Hey there Landers!!! I appreciate the offer, but I’m happy here at KinderCare, and am not currently looking to move. I’ve actually been learning AWS, though! I’ve used it in various places of employment, and have a goal to get my Associate Solutions Architect certification by the end of the year. I’ve been working through A Cloud Guru training courses, and basically just need to finish reading the white papers, then take the practice tests. I’m looking forward to slapping that “badge” onto my resume!

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